Mehwish Hayat has a message for iTunes and Apple Music

Mehwish Hayat has a message for iTunes and Apple Music

Actor Mehwish Hayat has a message for iTunes and Apple Music.

Taking to the micro-blogging site on Thursday, the actor shared screenshots of Coke Studio Pakistan songs available on the app, to point out that they have been advertised as ‘Indian Pop’ music. The screenshots see Atif Aslam’s CS rendition of Tajdar-e-Haram, among others, listed under the category of Indian Pop.

More screenshots show Coke Studio Sessions, Coke Studio Season 8 and Coke Studio Season 14 listed under the ‘Worldwide’ and ‘Asia’ categories. In her tweet, Hayat wrote, “Just noticed how iTunes/Apple music—music portal, classifies our Coke Studio Pakistan as ‘Indian Pop’. Other episodes are ‘Worldwide’ or ‘Asia’—anything but ‘Pakistani’.”

Shaming the service providers, she requested, “Come on Apple Music, give us this one at least! Coke Studio is Pakistan’s success and we deserve to be recognised for it.”

Several have since been lauding Hayat’s decision to call out the platform. “Only Mehwish dared to raise her voice. Of course, Pakistan’s coke studio has its own class, standard and recognition. It deserves to be acknowledged uniquely,” commented a user. “Very strong point to consider! Pakistani music should have its own name, and you are the first to advocate for this!” added another.

A user, however, pointed out, “If its ‘Indian’, it will sell. Pakistanis in US give their restaurants Indian names to get more customers. Nobody likes us. We are recognised for our guns, torture, and oppression. That is our identity. A gun for hire.” One more wrote, “It’s a problem in many places. ‘Pakistan’ is bad advertisement, it gives a bad impression to the customers.”

Most users, albeit, felt the false advertising needs to be called out and corrected. “The industry should take a stand. Protest, and get it changed!” held a fan.

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