‘Ghost Rider’ tractor ‘starts on its own’, slams into India shop

‘Ghost Rider’ tractor ‘starts on its own’, slams into India shop

A video screengrab shows a tractor ramming into a store in India.— Twitter/@jesbhullar

The strangest part of a recent incident involving a tractor that crashed into a store in Bijnor in India’s Uttar Pradesh was that it started up on its own without any human assistance. On social media, a video of the incident has gone viral.

The incident happened in front of a shoe store in Bijnor. The tractor parked outside is clearly visible in the showroom’s surveillance footage. The farm truck suddenly begins to move, crushing some motorcycles that were parked in front of it.

When the motorcycles’ resistance proved insufficient, the unmanned tractor “forcefully” entered the showroom and broke the shop’s glass door. 

People inside the shop can be seen scurrying when they see the tractor.

The cashier rushes in but is unable to stop the vehicle from entering the store. A customer rushes in to assist the cashier in turning off the lethal machine.

The incident happened while a corporate training event was going on in front of the Bijnor Kotwali Municipal police station, reported India Times. Several city residents attended the event at the police station; some arrived in vehicles, while others did so in tractors. Kishan Kumar has been recognised as the man whose tractor was parked in front of the showroom, local Indian media reported. 

The tractor stood in front of the shop for more than an hour before it started up on its own, which was a terrifying sight.

After the event, a police report was made. Although the inquiry is still ongoing, it is still thought that the tractor entered the store after starting up autonomously.

The footage left online users as perplexed as it did those in the showroom. A commenter jokingly suggested that the tractor must have been a Tesla product: “Tesla ka tractor” comparing it to recent accidents involving Tesla automobiles.

Another said the tractor was a “ghost rider”.

Another user was reminded of a Bollywood old movie: “Tarzan wonder car yaad aagyi.”

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