Erin Holland’s attempt to speak Urdu

Erin Holland’s attempt to speak Urdu

Former Miss World Australia and PSL T10 League presenter Erin Holland recently posted a heartwarming video on her social media in which she’s seen speaking Urdu with the former Pakistan women’s team captain, Urooj Mumtaz.

Taking to Twitter, the television host shared a glimpse of her Urdu language skills on Wednesday, which caught the attention of many viewers. Dressed in a pastel-coloured Shalwar Kameez in the video, Holland is seen counting down to 10 in Urdu.

“Hi guys, it’s Urdu lessons 101 with Urooj, my local language teacher,” she said before reciting the numbers up to 10 with flawless pronunciation. Later, Mumtaz further tested her by asking what she would say if it started raining. “See, it’s raining right now (Dekho baarish ho rahi hai),” immediately replied Holland while making gestures of raindrops with her hands.

As the clip circulated online, Twitterati rushed to the comment section to appreciate Holland’s attempt at speaking Urdu. “This is so cute,” commented a user.

“Wow, that is incredible, your pronunciations are spot on. Your love for Pakistan is so heartwarming,” wrote another impressed individual.

A follower also lauded Mumtaz for being a brilliant teacher. “Really good pronunciation Erin. Keep going! Also, shout out to Urooj for her great teaching skills! Well done, ladies!” read the tweet.

Others expressed their interest in seeing the Australian presenter speak more languages. “What about learning Punjabi and Pashto?” asked a tweep.

Holland is a popular sports presenter and married to cricketer Ben Cutting, who is participating in the current season of PSL with the Karachi Kings team. Her naturally appealing personality and commitment to hosting the PSL has found her the balance between finding a place in the hearts of Pakistani men and women, and to this day, she continues to awe her fans.

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