6 Trendy Styles To Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

6 Trendy Styles To Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

This summer take cues from these amazing celebrity inspired looks. (Images: Instagram)

With the summer months approaching us, here is a little brush-up on all that you need to have in your wardrobe to ace your summer looks

It’s time to revamp your wardrobe and pull off that ultimate stylish spring-summer look. This season is all about experimenting with bold fashion choices and trying out different fabrics, textures, and prints. You can choose to go all casual or give a modern twist to old trends. The new season calls for bright colours and refreshing designs. If you are confused about how to style up perfectly for this summer, we have some cues for you. Here’s a list of trends and styles that can add much-needed glam to your closet.

Cut-out dresses- Cut-out dresses have dominated the fashion market for some time now, and this trend is here to stay. You can opt for a bright dress that sports a cut at your waistline or near the bust. A dress like this will give you a bold yet playful look.

Denim- These can never go out of fashion. It is easy to style and extremely comfortable for any season. To add some glam, you can opt for a flared one to keep your outfit breathable. Pair it up with a regular T-shirt or a crop top and slay at your next weekend outing with friends.

Whites- Lighter colours are preferable during summer, and white is a go-to choice and easy to carry. Try an all-white flared dress or kurta for the sunny, bright morning look. You can stay comfortable and trendy at the same time.

Florals- Think of floral dresses, tops, or bralettes. It adds the right amount of colours and vibrance to your outfit. It resonates with a cheerful and happy mood, which is a must when the scorching sun tends to make everyone feel worn out.

Co-ord- it is the next big thing fashion enthusiasts are obsessing over. From coordinated sweatshirts and pants to skirts and trousers, there is a wide range to experiment with. From influencers to celebrities, everyone is swearing by this pattern.

Monochromes- While there is an endless possibility to experiment with patterns, textures, and prints, monochromes are an absolute show-stopper. Solid dark colours and shades of pastel dominate the trend. It’s the ultimate choice for some trendy summer office looks.

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